“Synergy” Newsletter

Synergy graphicLaunched in January 2003, Synergy is an online resource dedicated to educating readers about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) within Delaware and beyond. CRP has recently revised the format to include the following sections:

  • Spotlight on ADR in Delaware—highlights a professional or organization currently promoting ADR practices in the state of Delaware
  • What’s New in ADR?—presents current research or legislation in the field of conflict resolution and public administration
  • Group Exercises & Icebreakers—features an exercise that CRP has found successful in group situations
  • Mark Your Calendar—lists upcoming regional events, trainings, and conferences

In addition, Synergy will sometimes feature a Survey Says… page, which includes results from polls and feedback that CRP receive about its articles. Please feel free to make use of these interactive features—we’d love to know what you think!

To leave feedback on an article, please email kcowart@udel.edu and mention the article on which you’re commenting.

Members of CRP’s list-serve are notified when the current issue is posted. Archives of the past few issues are accessible as well.

Current Issue • Vol. 13, Issue 1 • Fall 2014