The Democracy Project

Vice President (then U.S. Senator) Joe Biden with the summer Institute scholars from 2008
Vice President (then U.S. Senator) Joe Biden met with 2008’s summer Institute scholars during their field trip to Capitol Hill.

The Democracy Project promotes civic engagement and a better understanding of citizen responsibilities in a democratic society among young people through a series of education-based services and programs.  

Its lead program is the summer Institute for Teachers.  The goal of the Institute is to improve the teaching of civics in Delaware classrooms by working with individual teachers.  Through the Institute, teachers have the opportunity to meet with many public figures and develop new and innovative lesson plans.  Over the past 16 years, more than 200 teachers have participated.

In addition to the summer Institute for Teachers, The Democracy Project makes available to teachers a wide range of civic education resources (including lesson plans) and links to notable civics websites.

The Democracy Project also provides a range of activities through partnerships with:

The Democracy Project staff also teach an undergraduate course titled “Civics and Economics for the Elementary Teacher.”  This course is required for all elementary education majors at the University of Delaware.

For additional information contact Ed Freel (302-831-8943) or Sarah Pragg (302-831-4954).