cover of Comp Plan Assessment ToolIntroduction to the Comprehensive Plan Assessment Tool

What is the Comprehensive Plan Assessment Tool?

The Healthy Communities Comprehensive Plan Assessment Tool is a document and checklist that is intended to guide cities and towns in Delaware to write more health-focused comprehensive plans or plan updates.  The assessment tool provides information about what makes communities more healthy places to live, and it also includes an easy-to-use checklist that shows city and town officials what should be included in their comprehensive plans in order to plan a more healthy community.

Who should use this assessment tool?

The Comprehensive Plan Assessment Tool is useful for Delaware local government officials, planning commissions, or other individuals involved in writing or updating the comprehensive plan for their community.  By reading through specific sections of this assessment tool, government officials and citizens will learn about the elements of public policy and community design that contribute to a healthier community as well as how to integrate these elements into a comprehensive plan and their town’s development and regulatory agenda.

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