Programs to Improve Affordability

State Level (Pennsylvania)

The Food Trust is a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia.  Its mission is to ensure access to healthy, affordable, and nutritious food through community- and school-based programs.  Examples of successful Food Trust programs include:

  • Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative (PDF)—The financing program is designed to attract supermarkets and grocery stores to underserved urban and rural communities by providing grants and loans to qualified supermarkets and fresh food retailers for predevelopment, acquisition, equipment, construction costs, and other start-up costs such as employee recruitment and training
  • Healthy Corner Store Initiative—This program  is designed to increase the availability of healthy foods in corner stores and to educate young people about healthy snacking through nutrition education in schools.
  • Farmers' Market Program—This incentive program encourages SNAP/food stamp recipients to use their benefits to purchase fresh, local ingredients at participating farmers’ markets throughout the city.