What Should Be Done with HIA Results?

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The way in which HIA results are put to use often depends on whether the HIA was conducted prospective to, concurrent with, or retrospective of the proposed plan. Prospective HIAs are the main focus of current literature and offer the possibility of adjusting and even rejecting a proposal that could have detrimental impacts on the health of the public. Concurrent HIAs allow for the modification of plans that are already on the table, while prospective HIAs can allow for the assessment of decision-making criteria that is currently in place.

To ensure that the results of an HIA are heeded, valuable evidence must be presented to the decision-making body. Engaging decision-makers across various disciplines will also prove useful in ensuring that they follow suggestions that are based on the HIA. It is useful to assess the potential outcomes of the project in areas outside of health, in order to engage various subgroups that may be affected by the plan or proposal.

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Illustration source: Delaware Department of Transportation. Phase I: Policy Analysis - Delaware Statewide Pedestrian Action Plan. July 2007. www.deldot.gov/information/projects/bike_and_ped/delaware_ped/pdfs/DE_Ped_Action_Plan.pdf. 18 April 2008.