IPA Engages Its Students

a 35-year legacy of shaping students and serving the public

Hands-on Learning…

photo of Andrew Haines“IPA can provide exposure to nearly any professional industry in the state for its students, and delivers a hands-on experience that cultivates an unmatched opportunity for knowledge—knowledge that I use on a daily basis to perform my duties as manager. ”

Andrew Haines, MPA 2003
Deputy City Manager
Newark, Del.

The Institute for Public Administration is committed to making a significant and sustained contribution to the improvement of the communities the University of Delaware serves. IPA challenges its students to engage in experiential learning—the integration of theory and practice.  Known as “The Delaware Model,” this guiding philosophy is our academic ideal and management model, equally and fully involving faculty, professional staff, and students—both graduate and undergraduate—in public service and applied research projects that will make a difference in the lives of citizens in Delaware and beyond.

Specific ways IPA engages its students include: