Impacting the Public

photo of some IPA studentsAcademic Program Support

IPA’s primary academic partner is the School of Public Policy & Administration (SPPA). IPA is committed to strengthening its support of the programs and services offered by SPPA. Within SPPA, IPA’s primary responsibility is to support the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program. IPA also provides regular contributions to the MA and PhD programs and the undergraduate Leadership major in Public Policy & Administration.

A portion of this strong support of the MPA program is evident in IPA’s management of SPPA’s Internship Program and the University’s competitive Legislative Fellows program. Other forms of support include:

  • IPA provides significant support for graduate degree-program specializations:
    • public management (MPA) with student-designed concentrations
    • nonprofit management (MPA) with student-designed concentrations
    • urban and regional planning (MA)
    • public policy and administration (PhD)
  • IPA provides additional support for undergraduate degree-programs:
    • organizational and community leadership major (BA)
    • public policy major (BA)
    • organizational and community leadership minor
    • public health minor
  • Student job placement and career counseling is carried out by IPA staff members on an
    informal basis.
  • IPA currently participates in the student recruitment and selection and anticipates providing greater support to SPPA graduate-recruitment efforts.
  • IPA provides a number of research assistantships on an annual basis.
  • IPA works with SPPA in promoting accelerated-degree options.
  • IPA provides support for advancing information technology skills with students, staff and faculty—particularly geographic information systems (GIS) and Web-based service for public agencies and instructional technology.

IPA provides less frequent support to other non-SPPA graduate programs. Through SPPA, IPA works with the Department of Political Science and International Relations in offering the MPA program and other special projects.

For more information, contact Jim Flynn (302-831-4658).