Impacting the Public

photo of NE Corridor transportation forumPolicy Forums

For more than a decade, public policy forums sponsored by the Institute for Public Administration have been a leading mechanism for discussing and assessing important issues in Delaware and the Northeast region of the U.S. The forums bring together public officials, community, business and nonprofit leaders, and concerned citizens. Their goals are to: (1) learn about issues and opportunities related to emerging technology from national experts, (2) exchange knowledge and experiences related to policy and public-service activities, and (3) identify priorities that should be considered by decision-makers and planners in the state.

Policy forums have other important dimensions as well. IPA graduate research assistants participate in their design, help draft “white papers” that provide background information on the topics, and assist in producing summary proceedings of the forums. These meetings have also served as a significant linkage between the University and the Delaware community.

IPA staff and students also assist the University of Delaware in its efforts to organize public forums.

For upcoming policy forums or other IPA-sponsored events, see the events page.

For more information, contact Jerome Lewis (302-831-8971).