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undergrad degree: BA, American University, International Studies and Economics
graduate concentration: State and Local Management
RA experience area: Local Government Training, Transportation Policy

Q.What attracted you to the University of Delaware? to IPA?

A.At the top of my list was an academic environment similar to my current institution, [one] that fostered achievement and excellence while allowing me to acquire the hands-on experience necessary for a future career. I was attracted to the University of Delaware because it possessed these qualities [and] a few more. The university is strategically nestled in a serene town [situated between] Philadelphia to the north and Baltimore and Washington, D.C., to the south. I knew that the close proximity of these large urban environments would allow me to pursue additional career and educational opportunities.

Q.What has your experience been like as a UD grad student working at IPA?

A.As I [began] my first year of graduate school, I entered with a sense of uncertainty. The uncertainty resulted from my contemplation over the direction I would take in terms of coursework concentration and research assistantship. I had interests in many fields and wanted to pursue the correct one, but narrowing my focus to a select few was difficult. Realizing my dilemma, IPA provided me with the opportunity to significantly contribute to several of its projects. I was able to explore several potential career fields such as state and local management and positions within the transportation sector. I attained valuable experience and ultimately narrowed my interest to the career path I will pursue.

Q.What opportunities have been available to you as a result of your association with IPA?

A.IPA’s faculty and staff with state and local government officials have opened the doors to several opportunities. I have been invited to attend conferences, forums, meetings, and other activities that would not have been available otherwise. In addition, IPA staff has often personally invited me to attend several functions where I was allowed to network and continue expanding my knowledge of a particular subject. IPA’s reputation for its exceptional public service and research projects makes your affiliation with the institute an added bonus. Not only will state and local government officials recognize you as one of IPA’s outstanding graduate students, but they will be more than willing assist you with a project or share their wealth of knowledge.

Q.What immediate and future career plans do you have?

A.As I move ahead and leave behind my exceptional experiences at UD, I am eager to apply my acquired analytical, coordination, and communication skills to a career in the public sector. I desire a position that will allow me to use these skills [along with] critical thinking and sound decision-making. In particular, I will pursue positions in the transportation and financial management fields.

Q.Why would you recommend IPA to prospective students?

A.I would recommend IPA for several reasons.

’s range of activities [extend] into the pubic policy and management needs of Delaware, but there is also considerable work in health policy, land-use planning, and school leadership, to name a few. Depending on your interest and project availability, the opportunity will be available to be involved with projects in these fields. This allows students to experience various fields and diversify their work experience.

Second, the work and academic environment created by the faculty and staff is welcoming and hospitable. They not only take on the responsibility of your supervisor but act as a mentor, advisor, friend, and confidant when needed. [They] have [helped me] extensively in my endeavors, not because they feel obligated, but because they want every student to succeed and accomplish [his/her] future goals.

Q.What advice would you give to a student who is considering joining the MPA program/IPA?

A.If you have an interest in a particular field, do not hesitate to let it be known that you would like to be involved. When you leave IPA to follow your career [path], knowing that you pursued every opportunity will be fulfilling.