photo of LeAnneWhat LeAnne Says About IPA

Take a look at what LeAnne says about IPA. Then, come and see for yourself and become another of our success stories! Here’s her profile.

undergrad degree: BA, Pacific Lutheran University, Sociology
graduate degree concentration: Higher Education
RA experience area: Conflict Resolution

Q.What attracted you to the University of Delaware? to IPA?

A.I was attracted to the [University’s] MPA program because of the classes and the faculty here. I switched over to IPA specifically because of the Conflict Resolution Program. I was excited to enter into this new arena and gain more “in the field experience.”

Q.What has your experience been like as a UD grad student working at IPA?

A.My experience has been great working at IPA. With the Conflict Resolution Program I have had the opportunity to complete reports and do presentations in the community, and conduct trainings with other high school students. My interest is in student affairs. Working with this [program] has enhanced and developed crucial skills I can use in the field.

Q.What opportunities have been available to you as a result of your association with IPA?

A.Because I switched from another research center, I did not participate in many IPA-sponsored events. I did get to do some background work for the SCUPSO [Southern Consortium of University Public Service Organizations] conference that IPA recently hosted. This was a good opportunity to meet faculty and staff from similar centers and hear what they are doing in the broad field of public service.

Q.What immediate and future career plans do you have?

A.I plan on working for a university in student affairs, building their mediation and conflict-resolution skills education programs.

Q.Why would you recommend IPA to prospective students?

A.It’s a great center with many opportunities that fit various interests. The staff and faculty are very friendly and willing to help you explore your interests, even if they are outside of local government.

Q.What advice would you give to a student who is considering joining the MPA program/IPA?

A.Look at the classes and research assistantship opportunities available. Imagine your day-to-day interactions and talk to current students. If the classes pique your interest and the assistantship possibilities are exciting, then this is the program for you!