Fellows Activities and Opportunities


photo of three 2009 Legislative Fellows with Bethany Hall-Long
Working with State Sen. Bethany Hall-Long are 2009 Fellows Catherine Brobston, Monique Liston, and John Collins.
The Legislative Fellows Program provides an intensive public-sector work experience in a unique environment. For example, fellows have

  • Organized a juvenile-auto-theft-prevention symposium.

  • Produced a comparative study of municipal electric rates throughout the state.

  • Staffed the Land-Use and Economic Development Committee and assisted in coordinating the Bi-State Land-Use Symposium.

  • Produced a comparative analysis of New Jersey welfare legislation and the Delaware General Assistance Program.

  • Analyzed reports on the Ferris correctional facility and proposals for remodeling its facilities and programs.

  • Investigated the need for drug and alcohol counseling services for children in Delaware.

  • Researched the costs and benefits of recycling.

  • Responded to constituents' requests and complaints, drafted resolutions and preliminary legislation, and provided administrative support for House committees.

Professional Opportunities

The Legislative Fellows Program offers students a remarkable range of opportunities to gain professional skills and experience. While not all fellows may plan on careers in government, most expect to benefit from an insider's awareness of how the public sector functions. Fellows will have the opportunity to

  • Affect current legislation by providing timely, nonpartisan, in-depth information on critical issues.

  • Become acquainted with many important state leaders in both the General Assembly and the executive branch.

  • Develop an understanding of the legislative process that will be useful in a wide variety of careers.