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Directory IndexDelaware Municipal Clerks Association Members

Established in 1992, the Delaware Municipal Clerks Association (DMCA) meets four times a year, offering professional training and networking for those who are charged with the duties of a municipal clerk regardless of title.

The purpose of the DMCA is to promote the efficiency, improvement, and professionalism for the record keepers of the cities, counties, and towns of the State of Delaware by:

  • Cultivating and promoting a better understanding of the functions and responsibilities of the clerk
  • Gathering and disseminating information to improve the procedures and professional image of the clerk
  • Promoting cooperation among clerks through the exchange of ideas, information, and experiences
  • Offering professional development opportunities for clerks

If interested in membership, please contact any one of the members listed below or the Executive Director of the DLLG.

Lisa Kail
Town of Bethany Beach
Molly Daisey
Town of Bethany Beach
Annie Miller
Town of Bethel
Vikki Prettyman, CMC
Town of Blades
Karen Raines
Town of Blades
Jamie Fenske
Town of Camden
Amanda Marlow
Town of Camden
Shadina Jones, CMC
Town of Cheswold
Tiffany Adams
Town of Clayton

Melissa Knight
Town of Clayton

Christine Letterman, CMC
Town of Clayton

Michelle Hartman
City of Delaware City
Starr Conaway, CMC
Town of Delmar
Virginia Weller
Town of Ellendale
Diana Reed, CMC
Town of Elsmere

Linda Sommermann
Town of Elsmere

Bethany Debussy
Town of Frederica

Janet White
Town of Frederica

Kelly Blanchies
City of Harrington
Kathy Phinney
Kent County
Lorraine Tanaka, CMC
Kent County
Alice Erickson
City of Lewes
Christine Crouch, CMC
Vice President
City of Milford
Terri Hudson, MMC
City of Milford
Matt Amerling
Town of Millville
Kristy Rogers, CMC
Town of Milton
Renee Bensley, CMC
City of Newark
Sarah Campanelli
City of Newark
Tara Schiano
City of Newark
Wendy King
Town of Newport
Jessica Hommel Snader
Town of Ocean View
Jill Oliver
Town of Ocean View
Donna Schwartz, CMC
Town of Ocean View
Ann Womack, CMC
City of Rehoboth Beach
Tracy Torbert
City of Seaford
Valerie Heritage, CMC
Town of Smyrna
Deloris Burbage, CMC
Town of South Bethany
Renee McDorman
Town of South Bethany
Pam Smith, CMC
Town of South Bethany
Robin Griffith, CMC
Sussex County Council
Laura Conner
Town of Wyoming
Pamela Haddick, CMC
Town of Wyoming