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Delaware League of Local Governments | P. O. Box 484 | Dover, DE 19903-0484 | phone 302-678-0991 | fax 302-678-4777
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Kent County Same as Federal and State
New Castle County November, every even year
Sussex County November, every even year


Arden Fourth Monday in March for One and Two Years   Kenton Every Other Year
Ardencroft Third Thursday in March   Laurel Biennial, fourth Thursday in March
Ardentown Various, at town meetings   Leipsic First Monday in March
Bellefonte First Tuesday in June   Lewes Second Saturday in May
Bethany Beach Date announced prior to July 1 each year   Lewes Board of Public Works Second Saturday in April
Bethel Third Saturday in February   Little Creek First Saturday in March
Blades First Monday in April   Magnolia Second Tuesday in January
Bowers Beach First Saturday in August   Middletown First Monday in March
Bridgeville First Saturday in March   Milford Fourth Saturday in April
Camden Last Saturday in February each year. Mayor 2 year term, Council 3 year term   Millsboro Second Saturday in June
Cheswold Last Tuesday in March   Millville First Saturday in March; Council Person Two-Year Terms
Clayton Last Tuesday in April, 2:00-7:00 p.m.   Milton First Saturday in March
Dagsboro First Saturday in December   New Castle Second Saturday in April, every odd year
Delaware City First Tuesday in April   New Castle Municipal Services Commission Appointed (3-year term)
Delmar First Monday in October, every two years   Newark Second Tuesday in April
Dewey Beach Third Saturday in September   Newport First Monday in April
Dover Biennially on the Third Tuesday in April   Ocean View Second Saturday in April
Ellendale First Saturday of January, each year 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.   Odessa First Monday in April
Elsmere Last Saturday in April, every odd year   Rehoboth Beach Second Saturday in August
Farmington Last Saturday in March   Seaford Third Saturday in April from 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Felton First week in March   Selbyville First Saturday in March
Fenwick Island First Saturday in August   Slaughter Beach First Saturday in July
Frankford First Saturday in February   Smyrna Last Tuesday in April
Frederica First Saturday in March   South Bethany Last Saturday before last Monday in May
Georgetown Second Saturday in May   Townsend First Saturday in May
Greenwood Third Saturday in January   Viola Last Tuesday in March, 2-year Terms
Harrington First Tuesday in May   Wilmington November every four years
Hartly Last Saturday in April   Woodside Last Saturday in March
Henlopen Acres Last Saturday in August   Wyoming Last Saturday in February
Houston Last Saturday in March